Got RBF?

Where do I begin? Let’s start with the basics. I am a 32 woman with a severe case of RBF (resting b*tch face). What can I say? I do a fairly good job at keeping my inner monologue of judgmental thoughts silent. My face on the other hand, has always shown my every thought and

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5 (Surprising!) Ingredients You Need in Your Skin Care Routine

We are truly excited to announce our new skincare line for teens, GR8/SKN. Gr8/SKN is a physician formulated skincare line dedicated to creating cruelty-free products that combine scientific and natural ingredients in a safe, skin-healthy way. As we all know, there are certain key ingredients you need to feed your body, and Dr. Janine knows

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Realself has a new Top Doc – Dr. Danyo!

Join us in celebrating Dr. Danyo’s new Top Doc status from Realself! Haven’t heard of Realself before? Realself is a community-driven website composed of reviews, popularity rankings, and other general information about aesthetics medicine and cosmetic treatments. You’ll find useful and interesting information on the site including consumer reviews, stories, and discussions about cosmetic treatments

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Adult Acne

As an adult the amount of shame felt when I experience a breakout is unreal. Obviously, no one likes getting zits. At least when you’re young you often share the burden with many of your peers. As an adult you feel more alone and the breakout seems like a badge displaying some mistake you made.

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Afraid to laugh…

As a young girl, I heard women discussing this issue many times over the years. I never paid much attention, or thought about myself having the same problem. I almost thought it was a joke, or an old saying. I thought “Stop making me laugh, I’m going to pee,” was just something my aunts said

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Get INFINIskin this Spring with the INFINI Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

  All About INFINI INFINI is a non-surgical, high intensity, radiofrequency microneedling anti-aging skin treatment. This clinically proven unique technology delivers radiofrequency energy from the handpiece’s 49 microneedles deep into your dermis. This forms coagulative injury zones in the dermis while sparing the epidermis from injury.* The skin’s natural healing process immediately begins to produce new collagen and

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