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Danyo & Gillespie Plastic Surgery offers many Medical, Cosmetic, and Skin Care Services in Greenville, Delaware.

Plastic Surgery has become one of the most common and popular of all medical procedures. And, while the decision to undergo surgery should only be made after careful consideration, just as important is the selection of the surgeon. The results will likely depend upon the surgeon’s ability and direct experience with the procedure.

Dr. Joseph Danyo is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Delaware, with extensive experience in the areas of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Danyo specializes in breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks and more. Prior to your surgery, Dr. Danyo will first conduct a private consultation with you to learn about your personal situation, discuss your goals and concerns, and communicate the projected results of specific procedures.

John W. Gillespie III, M.D. is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Delaware, and has a substantial aesthetic background, including facelifts, eyelid surgery, neck lifts, breast augmentation, mommy makeovers and liposuction. He prides himself on his post-Bariatric body contouring procedures such as breast lifts/reductions, tummy tucks, whole body lifts, arm, thigh lifts and the Brazilian Butt Lift. Dr. Gillespie is also offering treatment for a rare but real illness referred to as Breast Implant Illness Syndrome.

You may request an appointment online anytime, or call us at 302-888-0508.

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Facial Procedures

Improve areas of the face including nose, forehead, brows, eyelids, ears, lips, chin.


Breast Procedures

Breast augmentation, reconstruction, lift, and reduction surgeries performed by our medical team.


Body Procedures

Surgical and minimally invasive procedures for all areas of your body.