Why Women Need Testosterone, Too

Ladies, you may think that men have the monopoly on testosterone, but did you know that it plays a major role in your body as well? And did you also know that by the time you’re 40 years old, your testosterone is just half of what it was when you were 20? In fact, most women can actually feel when their testosterone levels begin to decline. Suddenly they have less energy, have trouble thinking, have a lower sex drive or just feel “off” in their everyday lives.

But the good news is that restoring these levels can have many positive effects on your appearance, mood and overall health. So, let’s break down some of the most critical functions of testosterone in your body.

Testosterone is essential to your sexual health: As your testosterone levels decline with age, your sexual desire often takes a dive right along with it. And yes, declining sexual desire is a normal part of aging, but if it’s severe, it can have negative effects on your relationship and quality of life. The good news is that replacing this testosterone has proven to be the cure. Study after study shows that, in premenopausal or menopausal women, balancing testosterone levels significantly increases both sexual drive and function, leading to better overall sexual health and more enjoyable intimate relationships.

Testosterone can improve your thinking and memory: It’s true that testosterone actually plays a role in brain health, and when it’s in decline, it directly impacts your mental performance. In fact, many women who have low testosterone levels also report cognitive issues like “brain fog” and “poor memory”. Once their testosterone levels are restored and balanced, these symptoms often subside.

Testosterone can boost your mood: Testosterone has been shown to greatly benefit women experiencing depression. Studies show that in cases where women have symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder (mood swings, irritability, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety) and weren’t getting the relief they needed from antidepressants, testosterone replacement improved symptoms in 67% of these patients. It’s also been shown to have similarly dramatic effects on women who aren’t clinically depressed but are experiencing a decline in overall joy as they grow older.

Testosterone can give you more energy: Testosterone plays a few crucial roles when it comes to your energy levels. First, it directly affects how much muscle you have in your body. When women have the right amount of testosterone (not too much and not too little), it creates more lean muscle mass which improves a woman’s overall physical ability and endurance. In addition, testosterone’s mental health benefits and its ability to improve your mood lead to an increase in mental energy as well, leaving you feeling an all-around sense of youthfulness and vitality.

With all of these (and many more) amazing benefits of balanced testosterone levels, it’s no wonder that keeping your testosterone at the right levels throughout your life is so important. Today, treatment options have become so advanced that topical creams and synthetic hormones are a thing of the past.

At Danyo Plastic Surgery, we treat hormonal imbalances using bioidentical hormones, (meaning that they look and behave exactly the same as your natural homones) coupled with intelligent diagnostics that can pinpoint your perfect dose, and a delivery system that allows you to set it and forget it. Best of all, our evaluations are free. Just reach out to us through the form below or call the office at 302-888-0508 to set up your free consultation

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