Laser Tattoo Removal in Wilmington, DE

Laser Tattoo Removal is a non-invasive process that uses an advanced laser to break down the ink particles of a tattoo, effectively fading the tattoo away.* Danyo Plastic Surgery is an expert in the field of laser tattoo removal, providing this treatment for over a decade!

Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Laser technology for treating tattoos has evolved substantially over the last 10 years. Danyo Plastic Surgery uses one of the most advanced tattoo laser in the world, the Lutronic Spectra. This laser, known as a Dual-pulsed Q-switched laser, fires a very rapid pulse of laser light, in the range of a billionth of a second, achieving a very high spike of power, or so-called peak power, to shatter the tattoo granules. The laser’s light energy is quickly absorbed by the tattoo ink, causing the ink to disburse in the skin in tiny particles. This ink is then naturally absorbed by your body just like it would be over time or from sun exposure, as a fine dust that is carried away by your body’s lymphatic system.

Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation

We offer private consultations for all of our services, including tattoo removal. We will talk to you to get to know what brings you in for tattoo removal, the treatment process will be explained, any questions you may have will be answered, and the operative protocol will be reviewed with you. In addition, all tattoos are evaluated in terms of type of tattoo, i.e. home tattoo, permanent makeup or professional tattoo. Length of time the tattoo has been present and any obvious skin reaction or pre-existent textural changes will also be evaluated. During this initial consultation your tattoo will be photographed and measured, so we can track the results throughout your treatment process.

Tattoo Removal Results

It is very possible to see immediate results, but in most cases the fading occurs gradually over the healing and treatment period.*

The ease of the removal of a tattoo is largely dependent on its color, depth, and chemical composition of the ink. Black, red, dark-orange and dark-blue tattoos will respond quickly to treatment with lasers, however certain colors such as green, purple, brown, light-orange and light-blue colors may respond more slowly.*

The average tattoo may take 5-7 treatments to clear, at 6-8 week intervals between treatment sessions.*

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For additional information on tattoo removal, visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for this procedure.

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and specific results are not guaranteed.

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