The Total Body Solution

The Quick Facts about the Total Body Solution

Length of Total Body Solution Procedure: 30 to 120 minutes

Anesthesia: None

In or Outpatient Procedure: Outpatient, Office

About the Total Body Solution

The Total Body Solution combines three technologies administered by three medical devices. The Vanquish ME, Exilis Ultra and Cellutone are state of the art systems and FDA approved for tightening, toning and/or fat reduction. The Total Body Solution offers the convenience of being non-invasive, comfortable and without downtime while providing visible results.

  • The Vanquish ME utilizes Radio Frequency and boasts the largest treatment surface area available for fat reduction. Vanquish ME is used for the abdomen, flank and bra-line areas.
  • Exilis Ultra tightens, tones and/or reduces fat with the powerful combination of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency. The device allows the technician to target the intended layer of skin for optimal results.
  • Cellutone incorporates both mechanical and acoustic vibrations to stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow. This is the perfect finishing touch after the Exilis Ultra treatment.

Body Solution A – Combines Vanquish ME, Exilis Ultra and Cellutone for the reduction of fat and skin tightening in the abdomen, flank or bra-line areas. Treatments are done weekly for 6 weeks.

Body Solution B – Utilizes the Exilis Ultra and Cellutone for the reduction of fat and the toning/tightening of skin. This treatment can be performed on most body parts including arms, leg, buttocks and thighs. Treatments are done weekly for 6 weeks.

Face Solution – Uses the Exilis Ultra for tightening and toning of the cheek and neck areas. Other options for face include the eye and lip solution. The Exilis Ultra can treat anywhere on the face. Treatments are done weekly for 4 weeks.


Dr. Danyo designed The Total Body Solution to provide visible results. Three proven technologies were expertly paired for the ultimate body and facial treatments for skin tightening and fat reduction.


This procedure is a great option for those who desire non-surgical improvement of skin laxity and excess fat. Schedule a consultation today!

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