Danyo Plastic Surgery is proud to introduce Ellacor, the first-ever skin removing device to eliminate loose and aging skin. Danyo Plastic Surgery is the exclusive provider of Ellacor in the state of Delaware and one of only 20 practices in the nation with access to this device.

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How Ellacor Works

ellacor microcoring Patient 1

The Device

The internal diameter of each needle is less than 0.5mm thick, which is below the threshold for scarring.

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The device precisely moves these needles across the treatment area, removing micro-cores of skin as it goes.

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Fast and Easy

A 10mm area is treated in 3 seconds, meaning the entire procecedure is typically under 30 minutes.

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Immediate Healing

After the procedure, the body's natural healing process goes into effect as the skin quickly realigns to close the cores.

What are Patients Saying?

"I loved my Ellacor results. I was looking to get a little something more from a treatment but wasn't ready for surgery and Ellacor delivered exactly what I had in mind. I noticed a change in my skin after just one treatment, and after my third session my skin was so refreshed and brought back to life."

- Andrea


"Ellacor is absolutely amazing! The procedure was fast, nearly painless, and the cores completely closed within just a few days. After just one treatment I could see that my cheeks and jawline were much tighter and the wrinkles I was focused on were hardly visible!"

- Deborah


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