Laser Skin Resurfacing

The Quick Facts

Length of Procedure: 20-60 minutes

Anesthesia: Topical

In or Outpatient Procedure: Outpatient

The Advantage of Pixel Perfect™ Laser Skin Resurfacing

Pixel Perfect™ Laser Skin Resurfacing is a revolutionary skin treatment that helps clear sun damage, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture and tone, shrinks pores and treats acne scars.*

In short, this procedure treats most factors that add years to our appearance, restoring youthful vitality and boosting confidence.*

Compared to other harsh laser skin resurfacing methods, Pixel Perfect™ Laser Skin Resurfacing saves patients time and discomfort. Pixel skin resurfacing offers the best of both worlds: superior results, yet generally minimal pain and very little downtime.*

Pixel Perfect™ Video

Pixel skin resurfacing helps to treat skin aging with generally minimal pain and very little downtime. Providing the effective, dramatic results of ablative resurfacing treatments without their prolonged healing period.* Pixel skin resurfacing restores skin to its fresh, healthy state, allowing patients to resume their normal routine almost immediately.*

How Does It Work?

Pixel skin resurfacing is based on the principle of microthermal treatment zones. The laser pulses create tiny ablative zones, removing the epidermis and upper dermis. The treatment then triggers the body’s natural healing process, stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin tissue.*

The procedure treats small zones of the skin, leaving surrounding tissue untouched and intact. These large unaffected areas act as a reservoir for more effective and rapid tissue healing and collagen production. The bottom line: new, healthier, smoother tissue in place of skin imperfections.*

What To Expect?

Our Licensed Aesthetician, Deana Downey, will determine the ideal treatment plan for your needs. Generally, treatment involves two to four sessions, at four week intervals. Right after treatment you may feel a slight tingling sensation. You may experience slight swelling for a day or two. As new skin replaces dead tissue, your skin will flake, a sign that healing is underway. Your skin will steadily improve over the next few months.*

Does It Hurt?

Far more comfortable than conventional laser skin resurfacing, Pixel skin resurfacing is experienced by most patients as a comfortable sensation.

Who can be treated and on what parts of the body? Pixel skin resurfacing can be used on patients of most skin types anywhere on the face, chest, and hands.

Rewards of Pixel Skin Resurfacing

  • Safe treatment for face, chest, and hands
  • Treats skin texture and firmness
  • Treats sun damage and skin tone
  • Treats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treats enlarged pores
  • Treats acne scars
  • Generally little discomfort
  • Very little to no downtime
  • Longterm results*

Pixel Perfect™ Treatment FAQs

Your face is an important part of who you are. Learn more about Pixel skin resurfacing, and what happens with Pixel Perfect™ treatments, here.


Anyone whose skin shows signs of aging is a candidate for Pixel Perfect. The most dramatic results are seen on people who have tried non-invasive therapies and are looking for something more aggressive.* The best candidates have moderate sun damage, are in good health, have good health habits and typically take good care of their skin.


Yes, Pixel Perfect can be performed on all skin types; however, at your consultation our Licensed Aesthetician will be sure that you are a good candidate for Pixel skin resurfacing, as some skin conditions can interfere with proper treatment.


Pixel skin rejuvenation treatments usually take less than 30 minutes, but could be longer if your condition is more advanced. Your exact treatment regimen will depend on your individual condition.


Pixel Perfect treatments are safe and effective, without injections or surgery. You can expect your skin to be flushed and red after the treatment, but this is completely normal and short-lived.


How much the procedure hurts varies from person to person. In general, the procedure can feel similar to a sunburn. The sunburn sensation is likely to continue after the treatment. These symptoms are a normal part of the healing process and should improve quickly.


While Pixel Perfect treats the appearance of aging, we can’t stop the aging process. Depending on your starting point and your lifestyle following treatment, your new look can last several months or longer.*

For most patients, a touch-up treatment after 6–12 months (usually using a different light-based skin rejuvenation technology) helps maintain a healthy glow.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Video


* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and specific results are not guaranteed.

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