Acne Treatment for Teens

Treatment Options for Teen Acne or Acne Scarring

Gr8/SKN is a physician created skincare line dedicated to creating cruelty-free products that combine scientific and natural ingredients in a safe, skin-healthy way. As we all know, there are certain key ingredients you need to feed your body, and Dr. Janine knows that there are certain key ingredients you need to feed your skin. She has included all of these, as they are proven to work. Through her 20 years of working in the skin care industry, she has seen products come and go and really studied ingredients and thought about what she really wanted to have. What she really wanted to have was nothing that was dangerous, nothing that irritated the skin and nothing that caused any form of breakouts.

There are so many ingredients in products, just standard ingredients, that fill and preserve that actually cause breakouts. Dr. Janine sifted through the ingredients very carefully to make sure that everything was there served a purpose. Everything has a function: to support the skin, to feed the skin, to hydrate the skin, to help reduce sebum production. Everything has a reason as to why it’s in that bottle. There are a ton of “all the rage” products that highlight one ingredient. GR8/SKN has all the good ingredients in the products that need to be there. This is good, solid skincare. This is not a fad product; it’s there to see your skin through now and through later and for you to develop good habits.

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