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Val Tried the Hollywood Peel

Awards season is over and MAN was I blown away by the youthfulness at the Oscars! Yes, they are celebrities but what kind of vampire pills or crazy beauty regimes are they implementing? Cher, you were mistaken, it looks like we can turn back time! Did you see Paul Rudd, he was totally Josh frozen in time? As if!

On my quest to capture what I have left of my youth, I have been trying different treatments and most recently the HOLLYWOOD LASER PEEL. A quick, zero downtime procedure that rejuvenates the skin, refines lines and shrinks pores. Yes, to all of that, PLEASE! Read More

I Tried The Hollywood Laser Peel!

Got RBF?

Where do I begin? Let’s start with the basics. I am a 32 woman with a severe case of RBF (resting b*tch face). What can I say? I do a fairly good job at keeping my inner monologue of judgmental thoughts silent. My face on the other hand, has always shown my every thought and emotion. Needless to say, my facial expressions have brought me some trouble over the years; revealing thoughts I was trying to keep to myself. In addition to a few awkward discussions, they have also caused noticeable forehead wrinkles.

When I was younger and running around the house sticking out my tongue and making intimidating faces, my mom would always say the same thing. “Keep making that face and it will get stuck that way.” Don’t tell my mom I said this, but in a way, she was right. Those mean faces might not have caused the lines, but my adult RBF is definitely the cause.

What now? Like many of my fellow 30 somethings I chose Botox®. Why Botox? It relaxes the muscles, preventing further creasing and allowing the skin to smooth out. Eventually treatments can eliminate lines and wrinkles. Botox is not only useful for lines and wrinkles but has also been shown to reduce sweat and migraines! What are you waiting for?

 Join us for the Battle of the Docs

Dr. Danyo & Dr. Banbury will battle behind the bar with several other guest bartenders to support the Paige S. Tibbetts Legacy Fund. Join us for a great event & see which doc takes home the winning title.

On Wednesday, April 11th, our practice will be hosting Danyo and Banbury Plastic Surgery’s Pours for Paige.

Join us at the Brandywine Brewing Company in Greenville Delaware from 6-9pm. We will host our staff as well several Guest Bartenders that will pour your favorite drinks to raise needed funds. The highlight of our evening will feature: The Battle Royal

Dr. Jillian Banbury vs. Dr. Joe Danyo

Come help your favorite surgeon raise the most money to support this great cause.



Dear Danyo and Banbury Patients,

Not long ago a dear young friend of ours, Paige, passed away from stage four non-smokers lung cancer. Paige lived every day of her life to the fullest, with joy, compassion and humor. During her own brave battle, Paige discovered other young people were fighting their own cancer battles alone. This is yet another side of cancer that most people are not aware of. These young patients were and are fighting without the same support surrounding Paige, and sometime with no support at all.

Paige’s family along with The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center established the Paige S. Tibbetts Legacy Fund. This fund is very special as it grants assistance directly to young patients to ease the financial burden they will suffer during their cancer treatments.

Read Paige’s Story

5 (Surprising!) Ingredients You Need in Your Skin Care Routine

We are truly excited to announce our new skincare line for teens, GR8/SKN. Gr8/SKN is a physician formulated skincare line dedicated to creating cruelty-free products that combine scientific and natural ingredients in a safe, skin-healthy way. As we all know, there are certain key ingredients you need to feed your body, and Dr. Janine knows that there are certain key ingredients you need to feed your skin. She has included all of these, as they are proven to work. Through her 20 years of working in the skin care industry, she has seen products come and go and really studied ingredients and thought about what she really wanted to have. What she really wanted to have was nothing that was dangerous, nothing that irritated the skin and nothing that caused any form of breakouts.

Some of our patients have already tried some professional treatments with Deanna as well as home care. Book your appointment today, or if you can’t visit for a few weeks, order online using code DANYO for 10% off:
Checkout a blog from our guest blogger, Dr. Janine, creator of GR8/SKN!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

5 (Surprising!) Ingredients You Need in Your Skin Care Routine

At GR8SKN, we like to talk a lot about ingredients you should never put on your skin (sulphates, parabens, phthalates, “fragrance,” benzones) but what about what you should put on your skin? Not only is it important to know what chemicals harm your skin & body, but it is equally important to know what ingredients nourish and feed the skin, promoting a healthy, happy barrier. Look for these ingredients to incorporate into your new and improved skin care regimen:

1. Clay. Not only are clays great for masks, they are also great in cleansers. This is because clay serves two vital purposes: it gives and it takes away. Clay gives your skin moisture and micro-nutrients, while at the same time removing impurities, heat and other gunk from your face. This removal process caters to inflamed, irritated skin. Where to find it: Clay can be found in Clean and CTRL.

2. Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil. Oil, really?! People have been searching for oil-free products for years, especially people with oily skin. It’s time to flip the script, my friend. Oil cleans oil in the most natural way. If you really want to bust up blackheads and thickened sebum on your face, oil is your new best friend. Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil mimics natural sebum and thus dissolves it completely, and its molecules are small enough that they will not clog your pores. This power-packed oil is also high in Omega 9 fatty acids which serve to deeply nourish the skin. Where to find it: Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil can be found in B4UClean.

3. Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract. This fanciness is a specific type of mushroom derived from China. This is the natural version of hyaluronic acid and helps with hydration without causing blocked pores. This comes from a mushroom base and reinforces the essential fatty acids in the skin. This translates to hydrated plump skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. For young adults looking for an early anti-aging (or should we say, pre-aging) product, this is right up your alley. Where to find it: Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract can be found in Hydrate and Reset.

4. Rosa Canina Fruit Extract. This wild rose (also known as dog-rose) contains large amounts of Vitamin C serving as an anti-oxidant. It is also a polyphenol, which is a natural anti-oxidant in its own right. Also anti-inflammatory in nature, this extract is soothing to the skin. Where to find it: Rosa Canina Fruit Extract can be found in Clear and Reset.

5. Retinol. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is beneficial because it acts as a hormone on the skin’s surface. It normalizes DNA, regulates cellular turnover, increases collagen production, decreases hyperpigmentation, and regulates the sebaceous gland. These benefits are so crucial to maintaining a healthy, clear skin-tone. Where to find it: Retinol can be found in Reset.

When searching for new skin care products, it is so important to read labels. Not only should you look for ingredients to avoid, you should also look for ingredients that you want. Some of the healthiest ingredients might come as a surprise to you, but give them a try. Proper skin care is a lifelong journey … maybe it’s time to head down a new path.

12.7 clean the oil

Realself has a new Top Doc – Dr. Danyo!

Join us in celebrating Dr. Danyo’s new Top Doc status from Realself! Haven’t heard of Realself before? Realself is a community-driven website composed of reviews, popularity rankings, and other general information about aesthetics medicine and cosmetic treatments. You’ll find useful and interesting information on the site including consumer reviews, stories, and discussions about cosmetic treatments and procedures for face, body, skin and smile. The site’s goal is to help patients find a doctor they can trust.

Dr. Danyo has been an active member of the Realself community, responding to questions and concerns of aesthetic medicine patients from all over the United States; earning him the Top Doc status. Feel confident with the knowledge you have picked the right doctor and the right practice.

Dr Danyo Headshot Top Doc

Adult Acne

As an adult the amount of shame felt when I experience a breakout is unreal. Obviously, no one likes getting zits. At least when you’re young you often share the burden with many of your peers. As an adult you feel more alone and the breakout seems like a badge displaying some mistake you made. What mistake? Who knows. Consulting the internet (which is a horrible idea – and hard to resist) will lead you down a never-ending trail of possibilities, from hormonal imbalances, stress, gluten, dairy and a plethora of other supposed acne triggers. Each trigger is accompanied by multiple solutions ranging from DIY glue pore masks to body compromising prescriptions. Thankfully, I have not resorted a glue facial mask, and you shouldn’t either.

Even though I experience breakouts as a 30 something woman, I am lucky that my pimples only occur sporadically. Some of my friends however, are not as lucky. Many are left with the scars of their teenage breakouts and others can’t get rid of the acne at all – despite their many efforts. The texture of their skin is rough and flaky, inflamed and riddled with cystic acne. Prescriptions are often times the go-to-choice, but for women in their child bearing years that can be a risky decision. Use of acne prescriptions can lead to delaying family plans or worse.

There are many reasons why people have adult acne and breakouts. There are also many treatments, depending on the cause. This is why it is so important to seek the help of a professional. Why guess and spend months testing possible remedies, all which usually take at least 6 weeks to see results, when you can get real treatment from an expert? Not to mention, some of the acne remedies are unhealthy and risky. Visit a professional who can use their knowledge and experience to assess the issue and recommend an effective treatment. I know you are thinking – great, I have to go to a Dermatologist, wait months for an appointment, and may possibly end up on meds. Well not exactly, while Dermatologist are a choice for skin care, they will often recommend prescriptions. A licensed esthetician will take then time to learn about you, your skin and take a gradual approach that leads to clear skin that can be maintained without harsh drugs and DIY glue mask. Call Danyo to get on a plan to be acne free today!

Adult Acne

Afraid to laugh…

As a young girl, I heard women discussing this issue many times over the years. I never paid much attention, or thought about myself having the same problem. I almost thought it was a joke, or an old saying. I thought “Stop making me laugh, I’m going to pee,” was just something my aunts said after having too much wine. Then I peed when I laughed.

Peeing when you laugh is no laughing matter. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable. As if women don’t endure enough, now some of us can’t even laugh without releasing a bit of pee. Unbelievable! Expecting some leakage every time you laugh really spoils the fun, at least for the person peeing. Women’s clothes are uncomfortable enough without having damp undies. The suffering must stop! Laughter, the sound of joy, cannot be ruined by this issue, and wearing pads 24/7 is not a solution.

Thankfully, the experts at Danyo developed a solution. A quick procedure that not only helps with urinary stress incontinence (bladder leakage) but can also help to improve your overall sexual experience (Hey Now ) and provide tightening. Prayers answered! A comfortable, short treatment that provides amazing results. All of us can appreciate that. The V Solution by Danyo is not only the answer to my prayers but many women’s. Whether you pee when you laugh, desire tightening or have other issues with your intimate area, a consult with Danyo is worth your time. Call today!

woman laughing

Holiday Shopping Extravaganza at Currie in Glen Mills!

Join us and Our Friends at Currie Hair Skin and Nails in Glen Mills for their Holiday Shopping Extravaganza! The fun begins at 5:30 pm and lasts until 8:00 pm. Meet with amazing vendors and the special guest… us! Enjoy complimentary chair massages and makeup application plus head shots and more! Don’t Miss Currie’s Amazing Event!

More about our friends:
Currie Hair Skin Nails has a simple philosophy; we deliver an exceptional experience to our guests through education, outstanding amenities, and a desire to be the best. Visit them online at:

Event Details:
Glen Eagle Shopping Center
585 Wilmington West Chester Pike
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
(610) 558-4247
December 14, 2017
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Currie Event

Things Your Mother Didn’t Tell You – One

Many of us remember the day. The day our mother never told us about. The day we innocently strolled out of the shower refreshed from a steamy getaway. The day we lingered by the mirror between outfit changes. The day we glanced down unsuspectingly only to discover a long, dark hair near our nipple, GASP! Disbelief, confusion and embarrassment are quickly felt upon this realization. Next, frantic shuffling through drawers and bathroom bins until finally, the tweezers are located! Relief is felt as the culprit has been removed. Despite the mild sense of relief the fear that this unwanted hair could return, or worse yet, more could appear is unsettling. As logic sets in we realize it is likely that this foe follicle could produce hair again. How will this unwanted hair be managed? Will the area need to be scoured weekly to see if grooming is required? Could nipple tweezing become a mandatory part of the morning routine? How could I not know this could happen to me? I can see it now, hiding from my husband as I hectically pluck at my nipple hair during the morning rush. Avoiding a spontaneous sexy moment because I’m unsure of the state of my boob hair. Jumping to turn the lights off as darkness is my only reprieve. No, not happening. I vote the permanent option; I vote hair removal with Danyo.

The list of things my mother didn’t tell me is growing as I age. Many times throughout my life, I have had to ask myself “Is this normal?” – and if it is, why didn’t my lovely mother prepare me for these not so fun facts of life? Maybe one day I’ll ask. Maybe it’s from my dad’s side, wink. At first, I asked Google my embarrassing questions but eventually I realized Google is not a substitute for speaking with a professional. The doctors, nurses and estheticians at Danyo are the best resource to consult with about these taboo issues that are easily treated and usually more common than we think.


Dr. Danyo Shares His Ironman Experience

Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts and words about my race Sunday at Lake Placid. We had a fantastic few days there to enjoy the area and the great vibe of race weekend.

It started at 6:45 am running into the water for the swim. One minute later I’m already gasping for air after going out too fast and choking on a swoosh of water. It took several minutes and all my effort to get it together, calm down, breathe normally, and get on my way again. I came out of the water dazed and flustered but glad I made it through. The next six hours on the bike went great and I was able to make up some lost time. I took a small spill at mile 94, but barely felt it with all the adrenaline flowing. Just some minor scrapes and a bent handlebar. The marathon started off great too, but I definitely went out too fast. The hammering on the bike killed my legs. By mile 12 I was constantly cramping in my quads and hammies and the misery had set in. I did managed to come through the finish line in style with a final burst of energy.

Total time 12 hours and 39 minutes. 65 percentile for my age group, 65 percentile for gender, and 68 percentile overall. Not bad for an old man I guess. I don’t plan on doing another one for a very long time. I actually enjoyed all the training but hated the time it displaced from Katina, my kids, friends and everything else I could have been doing! Thank you all so much for your support and putting up with my “Sorry, I can’t. Have to train.”

– Dr. Danyo